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"Uncovering the Real Story of Jesus: A Deep Dive into Historical Accounts"

“The True Story of Jesus” is that his great uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, one of the wealthiest and most powerful men on the planet, orchestrated the plan to have Jesus crucified and, thereby, “fake his death in order to save his life.”

When Jesus was about 13 years old, Joseph of Arimathea took him to Glastonbury, England to introduce Jesus to the Druids and to the Druidic mysteries and, thereafter, Joseph of Arimathea arranged for his education from ages 14 to 27 in India, Nepal, Tibet and Kashmir to study Hinduism and Buddhism.

At 27, Jesus then journeyed to Persepolis in Persia where he studied for a year with the Zoroastrians until he was 28.

Jesus then traveled to Athens, Greece where he studied the Eleusinian mysteries along with the philosophies of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, and the mysteries of Hermes and Pythagoras, and, thereafter, at 29, Jesus journeyed to Glastonbury, England to complete his studies with the Druids.

At the age of 30, Jesus traveled to Egypt and had his final initiation in the Great Pyramid of Giza from which he emerged “a Christed One” – an enlightened Master fully capable of exercising all of his “miraculous” powers to heal the sick, to cure the blind, to walk on water, to calm the storms, and to manifest out of the ethers.

After his ritual bathing by his cousin, John, in the Jordan River, Jesus, a Royal Prince, was then “betrothed” to Mary Magdalene, a Royal Princess. 

Jesus then commenced his ministry and continued to teach and preach and heal and perform his miracles for the next three years until he incurred the wrath of the Temple High Priest.

When it appeared as though Jesus would be stoned to death for “blasphemy” – “he calls himself the Son of God and, therefore, equal to God” and “he heals on the Sabbath in the middle of the Temple” - Joseph of Arimathea orchestrated the plan to have Jesus crucified, and Joseph did, indeed, succeed in his plan “to fake his death in order to save his life.”

After Jesus survived the crucifixion, he returned to the temples of India where he had grown up as a youth. Mary Magdalene traveled to France and, thereafter, to Glastonbury where she met Joseph of Arimathea. Thereafter, Mary Magdalene gave birth to her daughter, Sarah, and established a home in Wales where Jesus often visited her.

Jesus would continue to teach and preach and heal and perform his miracles throughout Persia, India, Nepal, Tibet, and Kashmir - where he was known as a “holy man,” “a prophet,” and “a saint” - until he transcended to the heavenly realms at the age of 83, and his body was buried in a tomb in Srinagar in Kashmir.




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