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Dashcam footage captures a Utah police officer deliberately crashing into a wrong-way driver

KAYSVILLE, Utah (KABC) -- Dramatic dashcam video shows the moment a police officer intentionally slammed into a wrong-way driver.

The incident happened Feb. 9 in Kaysville, Utah, with police releasing footage of the crash Tuesday.

Video showed the officer cross over the center median of an interstate and slam into the side of the car that was being driven by a suspected drunk driver.

A loud bang is heard when the cars collide.

"I need medical. Bad... I'm stuck in my car, I can't get out," the officer said after stopping the wrong-way driver.

The officer had to be extricated from the smashed patrol car, but he was medically cleared to return to work this week.

This is the second time he has intercepted a wrong-way driver.




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