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"Current Location of Texas Wildfires Revealed by Map, Reflecting the Scale of Damage"

With more than a million acres burned, the Smokehouse Creek Fire in the Texas Panhandle is now the largest wildfire in the state's history. The uncontained blaze continued to burn Thursday and force evacuations from homes and businesses. A combination of dry conditions, unseasonably warm weather and strong windshas fueled the growth of the fire, which began Monday.

How big is the Smokehouse Creek Fire?

At an estimated 1,075,000 acres, or roughly 1,700 square miles, it has now topped the 2006 East Amarillo Complex fire to become the largest wildfire in the state's history, per figures released Thursday morning by the Texas A&M Forest Service. The fire is 3% contained.

The Pantex Plant, a nuclear weapon plant northeast of Amarillo, reopened Wednesday after it was determined the plant's property was safe from the burn area.

For a size comparison, this is what the burn area of the Smokehouse Creek Fire would look like compared to the state of Connecticut:

And here's how a 1,000,000-acre burn area compares with Manhattan:

In imagery released by Maxar Technologies on Wednesday afternoon, the devastation could be seen from space, as in this example of the town of Fritch, Texas.




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