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Charming Chihuahua showcases her melodious voice with heartfelt songs

She’s loud. She’s proud. She’s small. Her voice is tall. Her name is Beanie and she’s here for the microphone.

Look out, American Idol. Here comes a little furry wrecking ball that barely weighs two pounds but can break your heart with her soulful singing.

Her name is Beanie and she’s the spitting image of a spoiled American lapdog. But she’s far from settling for her comfortable life, no sir.

This little girl is going places. She’s on camera, so she senses her opportunity: she starts singing along with her “grandpa” as he sings about how pretty she is.

Beanie’s fifteen minutes of fame is our twenty-three seconds of Awwww. I dunno about you, but that little pup is singing like she means it.

Take a moment to enjoy her performance, before this footage becomes licensed and is only available as a deleted scene on her platinum-selling DVD.




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